About us

The National Institute for Security Studies (NISS) is a research institute established under the patronage of the Mongolian Government to conduct research on Mongolian security environment, global and regional security issues to support the decision-making process.

Research fellows of the Institute are drawn from the National Security Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mongolian Armed Forces, Institute for Strategic Studies, Mongolian Academy of Sciences and the National University of Mongolia.

The Institute conducts policy analysis and academic research, releases its outcomes in the forms of information brochures and journals delivered to government organizations and experts, the broader security studies community. We also organize national-level and international conferences, bilateral strategic talks and other multilateral security fora.

Contact us

The National Institute for Security Studies
P.O.Box 874
Ulaanbaatar 15160-0026

Telephone: (976) 62 263491
Email: info@niss.gov.mn